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POL201Y1 September 10 , 2013 Lecture 01 Two ways we think about countries Paradigms we use to classify the entire world Devlopment and Democracy Deeply contested Not just imperically but normatively Development Subsistent agricultural type of culture to speicaliztion, exchange and the market In which most people consume things made by others Specialisation, mining, industrialization, post industrial service eonomy Development refers to the process which production becomes more complex and by extension more efficient In general people consider development to be a good thing Because countries of higher level of develpometn tend to be wealtheri Develipment is measured by GNP The individual share of the Gross National Product Countries with higher GNPS are more developed than others Critics of Development; Paradigm of Development 1. As societies develop people lose their traditional customs, cultures which may have been tired to the agriculture or land is lost. AS de elopement increases some aspects of culture and tradition may be lost 2. It seems to presume that all countries in the world will follow the western pathway of Devfelopment. Then the presumption is that some countries appear to have failed. Some countries that have followed the trajectories the western have followed. 3. The goal of develipemtn presumes a goal of wealth creation. Argue that wealth should not be a goal in itself. Nothing intrinsically valuable about wealth. Should only value the side effects or benefits that wealth might enable such as health, shelter and acess to food and water. People have other values that have nothing to do with wealth like happiness, world peace or environmental protection or family ties. Language of development places a premium on wealth creation and that distorts human value and moral structure. These concerns what they’ve led to mainly is a refinement of the meaning of the term development. Can’t measure development by GNP alone. Beause it’s not wealth we value, strictily speaking, but human well being. Development not only refers to GNP but to things like infant mortality rate, literacy and education and life expectancy, safe drinking water and etc. If youi’re looking at those human well being statistics you can actually have a country with a high GNP but not as developed as other country with lower rates of infant mojrtatltiy and such. Ex. In The US you have high GNP but not such good indecies of human well being. In Denmark you have lower GNP but mugh higher level of human being. Countries might score differently on separate measures of development. Expanded the definition of development to include physical well being. Theorists Argue Have to include civic and political freedoms in definition of development Can be wealthy and provide physical well being but if that society doesn’t also secure freedom of expression, from oppre
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