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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

We classify the world as development and democracy. Development is the movement from a tradeagro society toward markets and exchange of goods. Countries at higher levels of development are wealthier, and countries move toward development. But there are critics of development, the main reasons are 1) as societies develop, people lose some of their traditions or customs 2) the development model seems to presume that countries follow the Western path from agro to industrial to post-industrial, service economy 3) the goal of development implies the goal of wealth creation (as development is judged on GMP, which is directly associated with a countries wealth). Wealth is only desirable if it increases standard of living, like healthcare. We shouldnt measure GNP alone, development should also reect human well being (infant mortality, access to healthcare and drinking water). This changes the scale on which countries rank as far as developed. Some theories go further, and also include freedom. A country can thus be wealthy, and provide physical protection, but if the society does not allow freedom, then it no longer ranks the same as far as being developed. You can make the denition of development th
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