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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

POL201Y Semester 1 Lecture 1 (1.1) September 15, 2009 Week One: Introduction: Development and Democracy Course Requirements: N you have two weeks to sign up for tutorials N Sign up on blackboard N 4 tutorials for 50 minutes each this semester N 5 tutorials for 50 minutes each next semester N There are two papersL5 pages long= 15% and 10 pages long =25% N You have one month to write the paper N The TAs will write more in class on how to write a paper etc... N It will be posted on blackboard N In class midterm on the last day of class in December N And final exam during exam period N Course readings are on a course packet available for purchase at Quality Copy at 33 Bloor Street N Only the first semester course pack is available N And there is also a book: Contemporary Political issues of Development N You will find your grades on blackboard and nowhere else Course Overview: N Just a little bit about what will be discussed in this course: o Specialization involves commercial farming o Industrialization N In our economy, many people we know produce nothing that we actually consume N Many people are just focused on making sure the market works N In general, development is considered to be a good thing Critics of Development: N 3 main reasons and are related to one another o As societies develop, people lose their cultural ties o The development model seems to assume that they will follow the western model o Then some countries appear to have failed 1 POL201Y Semester 1 Lecture 1 (1.1) September 15, 2009 N There is the goal of development, critiques of development and then the decision is coming: we have to redefine what we mean by development Development and Democracy: N The goal of developmentÆ the process of production of goods and services N Critics of development have three main points o Agriculture o Western path of development (industrial revolution) o Distorts human values and emphasizes wealth production N Their Solution (New/ Revised Definition) o You need to redefine the definition of development o /š]ZL[šEµZšKZµŒÇ-9~Œ}ZZ-š]}Lo9Œ}µ šµšoZ}ZZš}}with human well being, such as infant mortality rate, HIV prevention, mortality rates, literacy, and so forth o Some critics also add freedom into the definition of development N It can be very good indicators to life expectancy N But if that society does not also secure freedom (freedoms protected by democratic institutions) along w minimum indicators, then it is not a developed cou
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