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Was Democracy Just a Moment?

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

January 10 Was Democracy JustAMoment? The End of History and the Lastman Book written at end of Soviet Union. Suggested that we have reached the end of humansideological evolution. He suggests that democracy is the highest level of human political development. Marxs Teleological Theory of History Historical Progress: Primitive Communism (hunter-gatherer) -> Slave Society (beginning of class society) -> Feudalism -> Capitalism -> Socialism -> Communism: Final Stage For Marx the highest achievement of mankind, and is what history is building toward. Fukuyamas (teleological) argument: Democracy is the highest point of human political organization; the endpoint of history KaplansArgument: Democracy is not necessarily good Real democracy is hardly widespread Democracy is becoming less democratic (not here to stay) 1. Democracies are value neutral If the will of the majority is good, then the outcome will be good, and viceversa. Examples are Hitler and Mussolini. Translates the will of the majority. But he uses a thin definition of democracy where it is strictly a electoral version of democracy, he uses this because it is the model used by international institutions. 2. Democracy emerges successfully only as a capstone to other social and economic achievements. Literary and education. Democracy emerged in Europe because the society reach a level of so
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