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Thick and Thin Democracy

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Political Science
Sophia Moreau

January 17 Thick and Thin Democracy You can think of democracy as something that you can have more or less of (in the case of analyzing freedom), or it can be a scale of either you have it or you dont (in the case of elections). There is a lot of confusing about what democracy is. There are different definitions, but all the definitions have normative content. Is democracy primarily a mechanism elections that rotates political leaders in office; or is it primarily a commitment to the twin ideals of freedom and equality. Democracy = Demos (people) + kratos (power) Classical Theory of Democracy Ancient Greece:And institiutional arrangement that realizes the Common Good that decisions that carry out the Common Will. The common good is some point on the utility curve before it begins to flatten out, it is mathematically identifiable.An institutional method for channeling the will of the people. Common Will Democratic Process Common Good Economic Theory of Democracy Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy (1942) Joseph Schumpeter Schumpeter says there is no common good, because people disagree about what is good. Human individuals have different natural inclinations, because they stand in different rela
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