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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

March 7, 2011 LIBERALISM History of liberalism, definition and relation between liberalism and democracy formed out of a struggle of British Parliament the Glorious revlution parliament became supremem with power over monarchy at level of ideas, it established the right to rule; power reides in people and they delegate that power to the sovererign, previously coming from above no longer claims as God has told me to . Revolutionary implications: If sovereign violates power it can be removed Sovereign must rule within the law of the land Checks on sovereign power, heshe is not above the law Established moral right of citizens to overthrow an arbitrary rule of government People rising against leaders when they act against rule of law Tradition authority; that which is derived from god: Monarchy Explained by Locke; Second Treatise: people prefer to be governed so they come to this state from a state of nature Thomas Jefferson American Declaration of Independence (Life, Liberty, Property Also in French declaration of rights of man and citizen 1789 4 Principles of Classical Liberalism: Liberalism is founded on Freedom and Equality commitments: 1. Personal Freedom: freedom of Human individual; refers to absence of coercion; free speech right to private property and political opposition Freedom is infinite so long as it doesnt impinge on what another wants to do
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