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Political Science
Sophia Moreau

Politics of Development 1950s--> important change in poli sci, they started research outside north america and europe. They wanted to divide the world into communist states and democratic states. U.S wanted other countries to adopt democracy so they funded such research. Decolonization--> there were many countries that became independent, started in 1948 with india and was over in 1963. There are no forms of politics in these places. Now subjects are citizens, so now political scientists have something to study. Economic growth--> Rise of gdp after ww2. This also occured in poor countries. Urbanization, literacy and mobility. Analysts saw this as a passing of traditional society into modernity. The author tracks the transition between development and democracy. Learner takes the reader to balgat in turkey. The point is that balgat is still a traditional village but may be going through modernitiy. Features of tradition 1:Isolation
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