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Jamaica and the movie"Life and Death"

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

Jamaica As the debt is rising the capacity to export is decreasing Everything they eat comes from a ship from Miami They do not have a proper sewage disposal system They cannot produce or sell in their own free market IMF made them reduce their trade barriers Foreignimported foods are cheaper than the local They import seeds and fertilizers hence the high cost The farming section is nearly wiped out They do not have machinery for farming like most of the countries World Bank was willing to loan 50 million dollars to help the agriculture but they had to lower their trade barriers ACP countries A guaranteed market for bananas in Europe American companies own 95% of the world banana importmarket US has about 17% of the votes in IMF, all the countries have votes according to their respective size. With the high crime rate they need security gaurds The developing countries only demand a strategic IMF policy so that they become sensitive to their interest Movie: Life and death How IMF destroyed agriculture sector in Jamaica Unequal barriers to trade
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