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Tutorial: Obama's State of the Union Address

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Political Science
Ryan Hurl

stPOL203Y1 US Government and Politics January 31 2012 Obamas State of the Union Address President Obamas state of the union address transcript httpwwwnytimescominteractive20120124uspoliticsstateoftheunion2012videotranscripthtmlQuestions Consider how the issuestheories that we have addressed in the course might be of use in addressing themy Overarching theme of the actual addresswhat Obamas strategy is going forward w November election y Get good sense of who Obama is trying to appeal to within the address y What doesnt Obama say What escapes the radar Main pointsy Reclaim the American dream y Put a lot of responsibility on congress to see bills on specific parts y Resurgence of old Obama y Frame the speech around what can we learn from the successes of foreign policy y Speech was very populisty Republicans were very negative whereas Obama was stating things he is willing to get done y Obama aims to reshape and deal appropriately w issues of inequalityy Hes aiming to low income Americans y Has
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