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Lecture 7

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The Security Dilemma October-23-13 10:11 AM The dilemma  How do we increase our security without threatening others  When we fail - the spiral model of war  There are many actions and reactions to situations  Solution: Cant we all make the first move ? The Prisoners Dilemma  Is a classic example of game theory  Rational actors fail to cooperate even when cooperation is the optimal collective outcome What is Rationality ?  It is an instrument and a tool  Based on all available actions, the actor has a clear ordering of Preferences over all possible outcomes  Actors will choose the outcome that offers maximum utility at the minimal cost  There is no moral and no normative judgements  However there is the problem of aggregation - outcomes need to be rational across all levels of analysis Game Theory  Game theories are models of social interactions as a game  Each game has structures that are based upon the actors preferences  Each actor comes up with a strategy  The outcome is based on the combination of strategies which are chosen  We look at the payouts in an ordinal way, nor cardinal  A higher payoff is preferable  If we know the structure of the game, then we can predict the behaviour  The identity of an actor or the context of the game is immaterial  This can be used to help and explain many things, such as wars and the nuclear arms race The Prisoners Dilemma  What do you do In a certain situation to see your best outcome ?  The best outcome collectively in each situation is for both parties to cooperate  However, how do you get this to happen ?  Ex: India Pakistan arms race  The best payoff in this situation is
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