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Lecture notes Nov 23

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
John Haines

November 23, 2010 POL 208 Lecture Get beginning of class notes from hafsa These economic theories try to underline factors between continuous rebellion and continuous something inside state Crucial factor- ethnicity A Premodule affiliation that can easily generate violence. As an instrument in the light to mobilize public support Gained concept of ethnicity widely discussed. - The ethic fragmentation of a society is not the most important element explaining civil war. What is key is the dominance of one ethnic group over another. - Not fragmentation rather than polarization - (existence of 2 or 43 main ethic groups), Fragmentation refers to a bigger number of ethnic of society o J Seems to be important vibe. The specific time of ethnic afflation is important; could be through local tribes, common language, through religion, but the way ethnicity is actually cemented is important in the explanation for civil war ethnicity is a background o What matters the most I s the manipulation by an elite regime by this ethic component. Melochovic in Serbia manipulated ethnic background to fulfill its own ethnic ambition o The brother of ethnicity is hard to asses. Some say its so imp that ethnic is nearly impossible to over come Itso embedded that the only way out of a conflict between diff ethnicity is in fact a partition. Once you h Thprospect of... the best way to end civil war that conflictionisto partition. Waron Iraq- Shia and Sunni war was so high, many scholars argued that only way to end civil conflict was to partition Iraq to divide it into at least 3 diff countries - Civil war in Yugoslavia gave to the rise of aids to new countries And these borders of these countries were decided on ethic conflation - I.e. Bosnia not doing too well because of this reason. o In a few weeks time the question of partition will be headline in newspapers cuz regarding Sudan. Partiis perceived as a better way to end violence in Sudan than sticking to a united yet fake country. Ibelieve ethnicity is crucial factor THEN some will argue partition is the only way out. Whamatters most is bringing security as it allows diff ethic groups to reach across to another N By bringing security you can diminish ethic opposition and violence N The main ide behind surge of Iraq WAS to bring security to ground so security condition was restored N So if security is a way out then partition is not a good idea. - Countries that have suffered civil war for so long that the ide of national gov is shallow o Somalia, wallowed and criminal gangs are fitting against each other, not the national gov cuz national gov has ceased to exist (fiction where gov can control a very small part of territory)
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