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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Arnd Jurgensen

Lecture 9 The Cuban Missile Crisis I The Cold War was a protracted crisis It confronted humanity with the possibility of self destruction A major war between the USSR and the US would have devastating consequences on all humans It had many different dimensions It consisted of overlapping dimensions beginning with an ideological dimension the confrontation of two different ideologies with one another communism and capitalism each of which claimed that it more than any other was able to liberate humanity from poverty and oppression Capitalism was associated with free choice free enterprise and a dynamic economic system that used efficient processes and have affordable prices and this freedom of economic choice would be reproduced to an extent in the political world The communist side was different it was based on the ideals of Karl Marx and though it claimed communism was very effective and produced wealth it would reach a point where it would be crisis ridden and would necessitate more socialist policies and eventually communism They saw it as a more efficient and productive system than capitalism to achieve human goals Kruschev said at the UN we will bury you they didnft want to destroy capitalists but the USSR and their socialism was more progressive and therefore just as capitalism replaced feudalism socialism would replace capitalism The USSR had been transformed from a peasant country to a powerful economic power in a short time and since WWII it had developed nuclear weapons and their progress would continue to the level of the western powers In the aftermath of the WWII the USSR was more powerful than the west in Europe A second dimension could be gThe Geopolitical Dimensionh The West viewed the USSR in problematic terms because according to mcinder theories it occupied the heartland of Asia so it could spread itself easily to Europe Asia Africa and eventually America This
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