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Lecture 17

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Lilach Gilady

Lecture 17 International Institutions Anything that crosses borders relies on institutions Once we recognize their importance we will see them everywhere as the world is filled with them In an anarchic world with no world govt we still want to cooperate and we need regulations and stability Institutions help us get there Institutions have benefits increased cooperation stability prosperity the emergence of governance Governance can exist without government Governance is an amorphous system of regulations and rules governing interactions With the network of institutions govts are not really necessary Costs decreased sovereignty new dimensions of conflict restricted ability of govts to react to local needs and values as well as to rapid changes and shocks Institutions penetrate into your sovereignty and limit your abilities to decide what happens inside your borders It might affect the ability of the govt to react to local needs govts unable to choose structures reflecting local desires and now are choosing internationally decided structures How can we understand institutions under anarchy Institutions a set of customs practices relationships or behavioural patterns of importance in the life of a community or society they are the rules of the fame the norms that regulate behaviour they generate repetitive and predictable behaviour they define the social constraints and opportunities that actors face All orgs are institutions but not all inst are orgs A lecture is an institution but not an org Clear predictable expectations create efficiency War marriage lectures UTSU Institutions can be social conventions already understood Institutions regulate patterns of behaviour Institutions define the menu of available practices Young they constrain choice and establish predictability If you know the rule of the game you know the likely actions that
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