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North vs. South

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Political Science
Lilach Gilady

Globalization contd and NorthSouth Gap of Inequality International Relations Lecture242012 104900 PM North vs South Why Does It MatterIf capital does not like the local environment it now has a viable exit optionIf capital owners do not like the exchange rates here for example they can move their capital elsewhere and do business elsewhereBuy whatever you want wherever you wantThis creates pressure on governments to provide capital with a hospitable environment by having very few regulations that will make it easy for capital to operate Capital likes places with good healthcare and education Race to the bottomWalmart has bigger economy than many countries in the worldIf Walmart moves capital from one place to another it has greater impact than many countries doing the same95 of the worlds largest economies are corporations We need to rethink relationship of state and MNC State and the MNCIs the state becoming powerless o This is unclear o Most corporations like Walmart have a base in one country USAWhat are the ethical implications o Think of occupy movementDoes it force us to reevaluate the winnerslosers and with it the theory of free tradeAntiglobalization collection of different interest groups with a variety of concerns and agendas focus on redistribution externalities emphasis on democracyo Think of G8 summit Regulation of belowo Corporations are powerful states do not regulate themrace to the bottom o Industry of certification o We will create pressure on corporations to change their policies so it will be to the benefit of those corporations to change their labor policies in third world
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