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Political Science
La Haine

Feb 9 2011 ISI development need direct intervention in the market Why Weak Institutions North need to give South Colonial Legacy access to its markets; need to maintain stable high No institutional infrastructure; price for some raw No modern self rule tradition materials; case of A nation state New International Economic Order Competing traditional authority; culture, geography The Debt Crisis; Prebisch Instability weak institution admitted that ISI was a failure More instability The curse of natural resources (Dutch Diseases) Dependency Theory Seems more countries that enjoy lots of World economy is one system natural resources usually less and must uncover power democratical worse off relation within it; core Wars & Atrocities shifted since 1900 s periphery Wallerstein 2000 move to African regions System built in a way that Geography & The Proverty Trap prevents South develops; the north wishes to keep its power; War proverty; proverty rules of game actively war perpetuated state of dependency Tropical regions; poor, soil disease S N raw material, N sells to S manufactured Remote location large transportation cost; land locked Attempt to break lead to sanction, military Is Africa doomed to be poor intervention Fundamental geographic N collides with elites in S inequality Jeffrey thus dependency stops Sachs ; 3 basic things can playing the game change this fate
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