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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Asia's Different Standard- Bilahari Kausikan Kausikan argues that the West postures themselves as caring about Human Rights, but really they are doing it to make themselves look good. It is not really the primary issue in the international system, unless it trumps over the West's interests. Bilahari also argues that they use Human Rights as a way to curb the economic advancement of the Southest and East Asian countries.  states care more about the national political interests, especially for the West (United States and European countries, for that matter)  the West use Human rights as a form of leeway/leverage, by going into countries and influencing the politics of the countries there 1. Kausikian says that the Southeast and East Asian countries are very "communitarian" and the West is very "individualistic." He beleives that Human Rights is a tool. He mentioned that during the Cold War, the Western promotion of human rights was shaped as an "ideological instrument" of the East-West struggle. 2. There is a general discontent of the Western interpretation of human rights, according to Kausikian. He also says that like all states, not only the West and European countries, but also the East and Southeast Asian countries, they all subordinate human rights to their own vital national interests. Human rights will not be the issue that is first order, but rather trade and security in the international syst
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