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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Nelson Wiseman

Lecture 3 2392013 Machinery of Government Outline 1 Organization of government 2 State vs Government 3 QueenGovernor GeneralExecutive 4 Prime ministerExecutive 5 Cabinet ExecutivePotential questions for the midtermIdeas from students o What is the amending formula for the constitution o What is the difference between the big C and small c constitutionIdeas from Professor o What are the competing visions of the constitution o How has the constitution evolved o What is a constitution We wont have a question on the Meech lake vs Charlottetown accord because we havent done enough on the question Current issues in Canadian politics Individuals wanted to get citizenship without giving an oath in the queens name Formal organization of the Canadian GovernmentExecutive branch Implementing law governingLegislative branch Makes lawsJudicial Interprets the lawsBureaucracy works for the PM Cabinet o ABCs appointed by PM but dont work directly for him Agencies boards corporations o CC Crown Corporation ex Via Rail Bank of CanadaAt a provincial level No senates some provincial courts but at the lowest level of courtsPM can only directly influence the departments of the bureaucracy
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