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Issues of Reform in Canadian Politics

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Russo/ Pond

Pol 214 Lecture 24 Issues of Reform in Canadian Politics: Round - Up the Usual Suspects Parties and Voting -lack of class based alternatives, * evolutiontiming of initial party system formation and incentives of FPTP - Regionalized third parties---> fourth party system *recurrence or more permanent change? -strategic voting -Decline of parties, weakening in partisan support post materialism * parties as election machines - elections focused on leaders, personalities and effective campaigns. *reliance on polls, select issues and electoral niches. become games between parties instead of coherent pathway for political pathway Interest Groups and Policy Making -groups with more resources get heard. aka more money *resources enhance ability to lobby and form enduring bureaucratic connections *resources also allow groups to provide policy alternatives and serve s mechanisms for policy implementation. -as a result MPs and parliament are somewhat by-passed *added with party discipline and ineffective committee process The Charter and Judicial Activism -what is the appropriate role of parliament vs the courts *is it a dialogue or a monologue -selection process leads to judicial bias *favors federal government, corporate interests, or charter groups Multiculturalism -second phase policies are unclear *what forms of deeper diversity will we allow and which are too illiberal
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