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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Nelson Wiseman

Sep 30 2013 Lecture 4 I. Prime Minister II. Cabinet III. Central Agencies -Finance -PCO -TBS - Inter-govt affs - PMO - PM: authority and power within prime minister. Impediments: - However potential impediments to parliament such as a minority government therefore opposition party controls parliamentary committees. - Another party might be dominating the senate, despite a majority govt. - May face revolt from cabinet - The courts: if laws/ regulations violate charter of rights and freedoms/ constitution - Courts: ruling on the federal principle - PM Powers undermine legislative branch and individual MP’s. - Although we have principle of responsible legislature this is subverted by the presence of strong party systems. - What keeps parties together is patronage - Drawbacks to democratic theory in Canada: -  Immense concentration of power in the hands of 1 power. -  Outcome of parliamentary debates are predetermined -  party discipline a draw back -  Cabinet solidarity: government can only have one position - The advantages to this system is that the government is a strong centralized system. Means no grid lock like the US. II. How Cabinet Works: - Members of cabinet selected by prime minister. Members are collectively and individually responsible for parliament. - Can appoint whoever he wants but there are conventions that influence these appointments. - Size for cabinets?--> up to PM no particular size. - How does PM run its cabinet until 1940s cabinet had no agenda, PM would just call a meeting and bring out issues. They can run their cabinets their own way. - The Departmentalist Cabinet (p.97): Departmentalism Cabinet (Picture 1) - Problem: Strong M’s can dominate the cabinet. Cabinet M M M - Institutionalized Cab
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