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Lecture 4

POL215Y1 Lecture 4: Korea: a powerful middle class

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Vic Falkenheim

POL215 – Jan 27 Week 4 • Korea – a rising powerful middle class • Clear sense of national identity • U.S role influencing democratic evolution o Higher democratic experience • Track the development of institutions under a military sponsorship • Repeated military crew, strengthen military democracy • Roh Tae Woo relinquishes power • 1979, Park Chung Hee assassinated military leader o Substantial for military reform o Takes place at a long period of economic decline • 1987, Korean economy is speeding along • They faced more powerful, richer more secure middle class • All had a strong sense of national identity • Resulted in Japan, decentralized military tradition • Determined the elite, emerges base on regional • China you have dynastic system • Korea has a distinctive Confucius society o Korean dynasty were long lived o Last one is founded in 1392 • Usually scholars tribute that duration is political monopoly of aristocratic class o There’s a dynastic system o Koreans hav
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