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The Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution

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Political Science
Lynette Ong

Ernie Tam20120112The Great Leap Forward and Cultural RevolutionEstablishment of the PRC The CCP restored national pride by reuniting the country Soviet model urbanbiased strategy favoring heavy industry at the expense of agriculture Land reform in 1950 redistributed land from landlords to peasants National Pride There were two major parties Guomingkun KMT CCP defeated KMT oInitial reaction was one of europhiaoKMT was forced to TaiwanChing dynasty was brought down from Sun YatSen Country suffered from the invasion of Japanese The Communists had restored pride by simply reuniting the countryIt was in chaos since KMT was unsuccessful in uniting the country as it was controlled by warlordsThe country was agrarian In comparison to the Soviet Union which was also a communist country the priority of the CCP immediately it assumed power was to revive the war ravaged economy And to eliminate political opposition The CCP needed financial resources to develop the country and it lacked the experience in running the countryBackground informationBefore CCP took over there were guerilla groups people who were good at only fighting In the guerilla warfare they mainly fought against the KMT and no experience in running the countryIt was natural for the CCP to look towards the Soviets for economic helpIt is important to know that the CCP leaders had no intentions of just to borrow from Soviets Maos strong national sentiments did not let China to just borrow from Soviets 5 year plan allowed for the planning of what resources strategies to revive economy 5 year plan Largely based on sivets experienceThe CCP by 1956 had modified the Soviet experience The Great Leap forward occurred in 1957 afterwardsIt signified the fundamental departure from the Soviet Model to summarize the soviet model had never advocated for a rushed
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