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Political Science
Jacques Bertrand

POL215 LEC 6 10/11/2012 6:09:00 AM The communist party in Russia spread awareness to workers and important factor of political ideology. -became the typical model In Asia the first communist state was China who added their own twist on communist ideology and practice in order to make the revolution happen. the republic formed 1911 and was an outgrowth of a modernist national movement away from the zing dynasty Inspired by nationalists The nationalist did not have a very strong army or strong base of support in order to establish a state and relied on accommodation of more powerful military figures a long period from 1911-1928 in which China falls into a warlordism, which territories are ruled by those who have arms etc which leaves the ability by the forced to organize an alternative, the two forces are the KMT and The Communist Party the Chinese communist party were not interested in ideological appeal but a revolutionary appeal due to pressing issues in China - the idea of a renewal of people in China and liberation from dynastic rule The KMT was attracted to the Soviet model as well as the Communist Party of China There’s a formation early in the 1920 of a front between the first united front(the nationalists and(KMT) and the Communist party) 1923 -1927 to oust the warlords and leaders. The KMT had the greater power and was the KMT who seized power under Chi ki ZEN CCP was still in its infancy, most of their actions been strikes trying to organize unions and uprising of peasants against landlords, but not very successful The KMT seize power in 1928 who form temporary alliances with the communist who n the end up being bitter enemies Despite the pressure form the Japanese on the one side attacked the communist party and weakened them. Under the threat of being crashed 100 000 communist fled to the north of China. Many died in the process, and only a few remained the core of the movement and tried to renew the group, especially militarily The sought the backing of peasants which is what China was predominantly made up of. As they were reorganizing 1933-135 the KMT was going to organize another United Front, they saw the remerging communist as a way to at least solve one problem with the Japanese coming closer The CCP was starting to gain control over its respectful areas, reorganizing and growing as the KMT weakened at the hands of the Japanese. The CCP built very strong grass roots organization because they understood the strength of having functional organizations and groups which can be mobilized and linked to the party structure. > Party-cadres The crux of this came as the KMT was very significantly weakened and the Communist part y had been growing as the Japanese lost the war in 1945. From 1945 they were able to spread across the rest of China and push KMT across the border into Taiwan and across the border. In 1949 the party declared China the Communist Republic of China Maoist Ideology Revolution through armed struggle role of peasantry education of masses of party-cadres The problem with communism was where the revolution would happen, is that it happened with agriculturally based countries. There was no industrial work force to tap into for a revolution What Maoist writings had is that the role of the peasantry is key, and interesting enough Marx had dismissed peasantry. The red army becomes the first clear explicit use of armed struggle as a revolutionary tool. Mao pushes even more the education of the masses. Vietnam Origins of Indochinese Communist Party (Ho Chi Minh leader of the communist party in Vietnam) start in Indochina, formed in 1930 by Ho Chi Minh who came from a family of civil servants. 1920 joined the French communist party 1923 sent to the soviet union for some training and to represent the peasantry for the French communist Party 1930 he created a unified communist party called the Indochinese Communist Party. Very quickly under French they trade to create uprisings against the French, where were quickly crushed. Looking at the Post World war II environment where is a lot of organization in terms of an armed movement. 1941 from then on a systematic armed organization that is successful 1944-1945 leading peasants to raiding rice depots that the Japanese held which increased their following and popularity When the Japanese surrendered the Vietnim were already in power in large areas in 1945 After an entire decade at world they eventually beat the French which ended French colonial rule. This strengthened the power and legitimacy of the communist party i
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