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Political Science
Anthony Sealey

Week 8- Probability SPSS:  FILE NEWSYNTAX  SPSS is very fussy about periods. After each line of every command, put a period Math  Recall that we distinguished between percentages, proportions and probabilities. (likelihood)  Probability is a numerical measure of the likelihood that a particular outcome will occur.  Important concepts in the field of probability analysis include experiments, trials outcomes, smaple spaces, events and sample points ` Probability  Complements  Example: consider the experiment of drawing a card where atrial is drawing a single card, and the outcome is whatever the card happens to be (e.g. J diamonds)  While relative frequency distributions are produced from actual data,  As the case with relative frequency distributions, probability distributions can either represent either a given individual outcome or the aggregation of a given and all previous outcomes Continuous probability Distributions 1) Continuous uniform distribution: Recall that a probability distribution is uniform if the probability that the random variable will assume any given value is equal… 2) It is similar to a discrete uniform distribution, except that a continuous random variable can take on an infinite number of values over any given interval, so the likelih
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