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Politics of Africa Summer

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Political Science
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Abbas Gnamo

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POLITICS IN AFRICA Summer POL 301Y1 Professor Abbas Gnamo abbasgnamoutorontocaTuesday May 13th 2013June 19th midterm test two hours mostly define and describe Define and describe a concept place person Choose 4 or 5 out of the options you are given Final exam is more focused on the second semesterResearch paper is due July 22nd30 Essay topics1 Choose 2 companies use measures to prove that it is democratic define democracy compare and contrast the experiences in these 2 countries 2 Many solutions for African problems tend to come from outside the UN for example the capacity of African states to deal with some challenges specific one for this question intra state civil conflicts OR climate change and food security 34 Afro optimism Africa is growing faster5 Gender issues women are now active in participating in politics focus on democratization in the eyes of a woman how have women been effected by this democracy women presidents ministers etcPOL 301Y GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS IN AFRICA LECTURE ONE THE MAKING OF AFRICA AND AFRICANSA continent of diversityKINSHIP ORGANIZATIONSMatrilineal genealogy you come from your mother mothers are important sometimes when you get married you bring your wife to your moms house You inheret your descent through the female linePatrilineal Come from your fathers side you count your ancestry through your fathers sideBilateral or undifferentiated You come from both sides Influences how people are relatedRELIGION AND SYSTEMS OF THOUGHTIslam North and West Africa Africa is mainly known as an Islamic countryChristianity very old in the African continent Christianity came to Ethopia around 333 ADIndigenous religionsAfrican culture is hybrid it is not fully one it is triple heritage of Africa islam christianity and indigenous religions GEOGRAPHIC DIVERSITYAfrica is not a country but a vast continent with geographic diversity unequaled by other regions of the worldThe natural features of the continent includeThe deserts Sahel Savanna swamps rain forests plateau mountains rivers and lakesThese have shaped the evolution of mankind in the geologic past and the historical development of African societies in the last several millenia EQUATOR AND AFRICAAfrica is a continent that was almost split into twosome places have day and nightMainly a sunshine ridden continent practically everydayISLAM IN AFRICAThere are many sects in AfricaThe North is predominantly muslim Somalia is the only nation where the people are a hundred percent muslimNorthern Sudan Egypt Libya Chad Niger Nigeria AlgeriaMali Morroco mainly muslimChristianity Angola Nambia South Africa Botswana Zimbabwe Zambia Malawi Tanzania Uganda Kenya some of Ethiopia Congo Cameroon Ghana Cote dIvorie Republic of CongoPOLITICAL CULTUREThe belief of a society that determines the political society of the countryCanada is democraticCentralized kingdoms sultantes empires monarchiesUn Centralized with different forms of political organizations clan lineage linegages and acephalous lacks a government head chief or segmentary societies tribal society do not like people ruling over them There are many different political cultures in AfricaECONOMIC ORGANIZATIONPastoral nomadismsedentary agricultureHunter gatherers fishery etc Somalis are known to be homogenous because they have descended from Somals Most conflict in Africa is resource based conflictAFRICAN KINGDOMS Ghana7501076Mali 12351610Songhay 14641612Great Zimbabwe 11th15th CE
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