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POL301 Lecture NotesJuly 30 2013HIVoHIV is a disease that attacks the immune system once effected the persons immune system starts deterioratingoNo one knows the originoTransmitted through sexual contactoNow people can live with HIVAIDS PLWHA through antiretro viral drugsBasic Data global summary of the AIDS epidemico34 million 316 million352 million people globally living with HIVo27 million 24 million29 million new HIV infections in 2010oIn Africa an average of 8 000 people die each day from this diseaseHIVAIDS in SubSaharan Africao2007Total population is 800 MillionPLWHA 225 millionHIVAIDS epidemic endemic in Southern Africa in North and West Africa it is not as prevalentMisperception and overgeneralization of AIDSoMost misconception was based on research by Rushing in Uganda Raikai Village but it became AIDS in AfricaoAfrican sexual behaviourAlthough this may be a general
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