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Political Science

POL312 – Canadian Foreign Policy Lecture 17 Prof. Greaves Feb 14 2013 IS.SP What is multilateralism? - Unproblematic - UN - Cooperation Overview - Part of the post Cold War international doxa - Not necessarily true in theory or practice - Long precedence in modern world politics o Pre-institutional: spheres of influence, holly alliance, concern of Europe, Versailles o Institutional:  Collective security  Regional multilateralism  Global coordination  Global governance - Challenged by Bush 43 (younger one) - Canada = chief offender? Lecture structure - The concept is multilateralism o Thin conceptualization o Thick conceptualization - Canadian multilateralism o In theory o In practice o Canada and the Iraq War The concept 1 - Etymology o Multus (many) + Lateralus (side) o Many sides o Distinguished from unilateral and bilateral o Thin definition: more than 2  Multipolarity  Coalition of the Willing  NAFTA  Any activity of 2 or more states o Thus people have been unsatisfactory about these, they think it is more than about numbers The concept 2 - Neoliberalism and neorealism - Advantages o Coordinate state politics to reduce suboptimality  Two rational actors with similar interest coming to a bad outcome while working together because one might cheat, so there is a trust exercise o Shared costs  If you go alone, you need to pay all by yourself but if you go multilateral you can share the costs o Increased gains - Disadvantages o Increased transaction costs o Coordination problems o Incentives to free-ride The concept 3 - Constructivism: Political legitimacy - Pluralistic/democratic o Rule of the many vs. the few or one o Egalitarian o Liberal democratic – open and inclusive membership - Communitarian o Security communities/liberal zone of peace - For its own sake o Actors engage in multilateralism as an end in itself o Social norms: logic of appropriateness o Deliberative: logic of argumentation Canadian multilateralism 1 - What is Canadian multilateralism in theory? o Liberal internationalism:  Broad commitment to multilateralism as key to Canadian Foreign Policy successes.  Multilateral rules-based institutions as way to “punch” above
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