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POL312 – Canadian Foreign Policy Lecture 15 Prof. Greaves Jan 24 2013 IS.SP Class 15 
Terrorism, trade, and borders 
 Human security - The buzz phrase we hear about the security is who it is concerned with and for who. - It is an expansion of and concerned about. In the Western world, it is now irrelevant with the Soviet. The broadening expands the insecurity we face includes economic, cultural, environmental, etc. - We risk missing security for substantial portion of people that live in Canada. 
It is linked to human security framework - issue of isolation as well as was understood that it threatened everyone on planet environmentally.


 - There was distinction drawn between narrow and broad human security. - The narrow approach can be understood as deep not broad. o It insisted on retaining violent threats to violence and well- being. Canada's HS agenda:
 - Axworthy leadership on high profile HS policies: o Ottawa convention - successful over the objection of the US and to the surprise of many. 
 o ICC - to prosecute war crimes or genocide. It is finally up and running after a decade. o NATO interventionist kosovo - used air power, without the authorize UN. It is the only authority that can allow war. It sparked a conversation of the standards to authorize legally to protect people from mass suffering. o ICISS - the right to intervene. If the suffering is bad enough, they can intervene and protect civilians. However it doesn't always work. But even though when the neighbors are aware
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