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Political Science

POL312 – Canadian Foreign Policy Lecture 16 Prof. Greaves Jan 31 2013 IS.SP Class 16 – Class in Afghanistan - Origins of war in Afghanistan are inseparable from 9/11. o Different from the invasion of Iraq. o Before the 9/11, Afghanistan was out of Western interest. The Taliban was not directly involved in 9/11. Afghanistan was targeted because they refused to give up Al Qaeda. - Canada o Canada provided naval dispatches, etc – participated pretty actively. o Terrorist attacks by non-state actors (not Afghanistan but Al Qaeda) o Oct 4, 2001 – NATO Article 5 o Oct 2001 – JTF-2 and Nay o Jan – Feb 2002 – PPCLI deploy - Why? o OEF  Operation Enduring Freedom  The border doesn’t really exist on the real map. The British put the line – Pashtun people formed the Taliban because of the border that the British created in order to be not governed by unwanted people. o ISAF  NATO mandated an operation for the Afghanistan state  Counterinsurgency o Invading Iraq was the least popular in Quebec o Official justification of the war  Rebuild Afghan so they don’t make another terror  Security and development for Afghan – closely related to above  Defend Canadian national interest (fight terrorism) o More general supporting justification  Support Can US relationship  Rebuild Canadian foreign policy - Winning and Losing o The early years of the Afghan war was in the shadow of Vietnam because all doctrines practiced were built for Vietnam. o Counterinsurgency is warf
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