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Hegel Lecture 1

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Political Science
Inder Marwah

June 20, 2011 HEGELS PHILOSOPHY OF RIGHT Extreme complexity of thought and use of language Using paragraph citation in lectures not pages Use addition right where indicated Hegel rights about freedom and how the modern world allows you to realize is almost completely Modern world provides us with the institutions that allow us to be so, yet freedom is a fairly complex idea We cant achieve true freedom by being free from rules of institutions social ad political but in fact with them Them enable not inhibit our freedom Shows realization of freedom in history as an achievement through time History is a chart of development of human freedom, from being less capable of actualizing and realizing our freedom to moreunfolding of human freedom Hegel is also teleological writer, much stronger than Kants Modern world is at the end of history and Hegels teleological ends What makes us free? Were free because we have a free will, its the root of our freedomself- determination Animals lack reflexivity, it simply is a being in the worldhumans are not, we are informed to ideas of what we want we live in ourselves existing in the world the way we choosethinking rational willing beings We have agency and reflexivity These ideas grounded in Rousseaus arguments in the Social Contractonly wih reason can we move on from being animalsgiving ourselves laws Kant we can determine our motivation and actions on purely moral grounds Hegel: we can use our will to create the will we want to create
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