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I feel guilty about not posting anything yetso heres my very bad notes on Nietzsche based on the reading guideIn the preface Nietzsche makes an intriguing some would say bizarre connection between truth women and philosophical dogmatismWhat do you think he meansThink especially about why he would start the book with the odd question Suppose truth were a womenwhat then men thinks they are experts on women but really they arentshe has not allowed herself to be wonawkward and improper ways to win a womens heart women are seductive like truthwill to truth will tempt us to many a venturebut why are we seeking truth in the first placeno one questions this lust for truthWhat does Nietzsche mean when he says that the task of the genuine philosopher demands that he create valuesphilosophers have to create values because without accepting the fictions of logic without measuring reality against the purely invented world of the unconditional and selfidentical without a constant falsification of the world by means of numbers man could not livethat renouncing false judgments would mean renouncing life and a denial of life To recognize untruth as a condition of lifethat certainly means resisting accustomed value feelings in a dangerous way and a philosophy that risks this would by that token alone place itself beyond good and evilAccording to Nietzsche are most philosophers genuine philosophersAre Kant and Hegel genuine philosophers
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