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Political Science

Rousseau1Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains2The first person who having enclosed a plot of land took it into his head to say that this is mine and found people simple enough to believe him was the true founder of civil societyprivate property source of all evils BUT he does not think abolition of private property is the solution 3 Im going tell you the story of human racepreface p 33 history of human history meaning human mind and nature Nature and generalities of character change through history due to influences from outside which changes human nature 4 Like the statue of Glaucus which time sea and storms had disfigured to such an extent that it looked less like a god than a wild beast the human soul altered in the midst of society by a thousand constantly recurring causes by acquiring multitude of bits of knowledge and errors has as it were changed its appearance to being nearly unrecognizable 33in the state of nature humans were simple development and civilizations makes us leave that ideal and become the worst Human identity disfigured over time by civilization and progress Our nature has become corrupted 5 let us begin by putting aside all the facts for they have no bearing on this question The investigations that may be undertaken concerning this subject should not be taken for historical truths but only for hypothetical and conditional reasonings better suited to shedding light on the nature of things that on pointing out their true origin end p38 and beginning p 39Rousseau wants us to go
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