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Political Science

POL337 – The Canadian Constitution Lecture 17 Prof. Radmkovic Feb 12 2013 IS.SP Announcement: Class was canceled last week, please let me know when the make-up date is. Freedom of Religion R. v. Big M Dug Mart 1985: PSQ – federal Sunday-closing legislation with the purpose of compelling the observance of Christian Sabbath Outcome – activism Remedy – Invalidation R. v. Edwards Books and Arts 1986 PSQ – Ontario Sunday-closing legislation with a secular purpose of providing a common day of retail workers. Outcome – restraint Syndicat Northcrest v. Amselen 2004 PSQ – Condominium by-law prohibiting “construction of any kind” on balconies vs. the right of orthodox jews to build temporary dwellings during a religious festival Outcome – activism (In favor of religious minorities) Remedy – Exemption for practicing laws Multani v. Commissions scolaire 2006
 PSQ - school board decision prohibiting a Sikh student from wearing a kirpan tp school. 
Outcome - activism 
Remedy - invalidation

 Section 7. 
 - Fundamental justice, life and liberty etc are the terms to consider. It leads to potentially large scope for discretion in interpreting fundamental justice.

 - Entitlements: the right to life, liberty, and security if the person. 
Qualifications: the principles of fundamental justice.


 Claimants invoking section 7 therefore face a double burden.

 - What us fundamentally just?

 - W
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