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Political Science

Oct 16 2012 POL 337Y1 – Canadian Constitution Prof. Vuk Radmkovic POL 337Y1 – Canadian Constitution ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Lecture 6 – Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012 Responsible government still Video: Prorogation Crisis - There is a disagreement between them. - Party that wins most seats needs to be in power, unless voters say otherwise. Then the opposite says if you get the most seats, you get opportunity to perform government, then you see what happens after. - To Harper, what matter is what the voters say. - Whether something is real or not it doesn’t matter because we are talking about if we can get away with anything. King-Byng 1926 - Which perspectives are substantiated with this? When we look at it through history and texts, which perspective is born out here? - You had minority government that lost confidence and you had last election that was 7 months before, which is usually 8-9. Did the governor general do the right thing? - Conservative government in this particular parliament going to be very stable and wont last long. By refusing advice there could be a lot of backlash. - The government here lost the election because they won less seats than the conservative. So McKenzie said sure you can try. Prorogation crisis 2008-9 - Confidence lost, alternative leader, and was given opportunity - Last elections – very recent since it was less than 2 months. The one above was 7 months, which was quite short already. - PM Harper is facing imminent loss of power – could mean refusal of solution of alternative government. Election was very recent, so it is a big issue. - December 8 – Jan 26 – month and a half or so. - There has been a lot of controversy of government too. - Convention as rules accepts this
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