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Political Science

STPol340 FEB 1 2012ENVIRONMENTAL LAW Convention on climate change UN adopted in NW 1992 Intergovernmental panel on climate change NY 1992 Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layermtl 1987subsequently adjusted and amendedKyoto protocol to the united nations framework convention on climat changeo Assigned amounts of target emissions of CO2 and gree house gazes Overall emission ot be 5 below the 1990 levels in commitment period between 20082012 Environment tragedy of the commons difficult to describe to mobolize incentivize individual actorso Treaty based in most caseso Difficulties of international environmental law conceptual tensions State responsibilitystate responsible for international dealings certain responsibilities sovereignty Tensions respecting to sovereignty impacts of my actions within my sovereign jurisdiction that impact on the sovereignty of another country Conflict of sovereignty another way of looking at collective action problem Doctrine of state responsibilityyou are responsible for your actions ex pollution beyond your share and Obligations to remedy such a breach but sovereignty says you can do wtv you want in your territoryyou can do it but you cannot affect the sovereignty of another Instruments of international law to solve environmental problems o NGOs within and outside countries pressure governments intellectual and other Part of growth of environmental law where NGO movemento Treaties Kyoto declarations Stockholm Agreement willingly to act in order to solve problem Tension in the treaties howeverex in Canada even more complicated because of federalism implementation problemo Sanctions ways at domestic and international law of punishing countries for certain behavior with the purpose of promoting different behavior or instrumetns to incentivize desired behavior Ex political sanction not meet expel embassador etceconomic sanction trade sanctions strategic sanctions above trading and political that threatens geopolitical strategic wellbeing of country war for example financial sanctions targeted to individuals in banks for example
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