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Lecture 1

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Political Science
Emanuel Adler

POL345 – Lecture 1 – 13/09/11 Jewish emancipation began in early 19 century – It was followed by the emergence of Jewish nationalism – 1897 was the first Zionist congress After Britain took the region in 1917, they promised the land to the Zionists 1948 – Creation of the state of Israel th April 19 2001- A day in the life in normal Israel – Holocaust Day - Ariel Sharon expressed three goals – war on terror (Palestinians) , coordination with friends (US), national unity (the lesson of the 1982 war) Politics of Israeli identity – Whitaker – getting in a taxi to go to East Jerusalem (Muslim area) – In this conflict, identity matter, everyone checks the other to see which group they are from – Six theses that go to the core of the course 1 – The history of Israel and its place in the Middle East can be best understood by looking at the evolution of the identity of Israel. 2 - Israel’s identity is contested – After 63 years it is still a project under construction – changed by internal Israeli development as well as regional and global development
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