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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Emanuel Adler

PAGE 1 POL345 MARCH 20 2012 PROF. ADLER JN.SP. Where are we? Israel: Regional Identity 1. Intro: Region and Identity 2. Israel’s identity of place 3. Israel’s regional alternatives (1) Rethinking Israel in the Middle East (2) Rethinking the Middle East: S. Penes (3) Rethinking the Mediterranean: A Mediterranean Region 4. Israel in the world (1) Can’t live with it, can’t live without it (2) Israel’s mistrust of the world (3) Global Israel (4) The world vs Israel (5) Of causes and consequences Comments about the papers: there were very few papers actively dealt with and answered what the question was about, while most developed the narrative of particular institution’s identity. Some papers were very well researched, but what was really missing was the application of the knowledge to the general questions posed. If ethnic cleansing were to occur it would be end of Israel, whether it is the Jewish, Palestinians or the diaspora. Demographics are very hard to change. The two communities will not become one under one state, and they will fight physically or civically. Unless the two communities reconcile with each other. State of the Jews is different from Jewish state, the latter is more religious. There are many alternatives that are different from one state citizenship. Rather they are arrangements that follow the model of European union, where two countries get together on an economic level. A two state solution is his preferred option. It can happen if they are able to win over radicals from each other’s sides. Only a two state solution can be a fair solution, because that way each state can get partly what each other wants, but not all. One ingredient for two state solution is that both sides needs to see themselves as normal. Israel is seen as a fortified garrison state, full of Zionist…etc. because it is a settled country, it does not have boundaries. It contradicts the original belief that PAGE 2 Zionism wants a state of Israel with boundaries. There is also another problem of uniqueness for the countries, Israelis are unique. Fear of peace and the fear of the world. It comes down to that the world is always against Israel, we are alone and that we should always rely on ourselves. Fear of the world, thus fear of peace. As long as Palestinians and Israel live in the past, nothing would move on. Unfortunately there are a 100yrs of mistrust between two in history. They need to have abstract ideas of justice and peace. Both sides needs to stop portraying themselves as victims. Israel cannot be
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