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Political Science

thPOL382 March 28 2012 Economic SovereigntyGovt Responsibility In Globalization Emptying Out Our Politicsbasic but imp issues affected by global issueseventsmarkets political system is making promises cant keepre job security mortgage interest rates etcwhich is a major issue in democracywe live in a global economy w a lot shaped outside our borders o YET Canada is country where democracy DOES matterchanges can be made we have more control over our destiny than most other countries in the world o Which may be most imp differentiationDemocracyGlobalizationNatl democracydeep globalization are incompatibleWhen globalization collides w democratic politics the smartbets on politicsfrom Dani Rodrik reading what does it actually mean Govts are going to defend their own sovereignty which comes before economicsSovereigntycapacity to compel to sezie an assetrun it extreme form of politics trumping economicsClaim here is that political systems have capacity to coercethey set the rules so w choice bn losing control or seizing economy will obviously choose the latterWhy is it smart to bet on politics over globalizationControlkey word hereFundamental thing re democracy v simple ppl want to have sense that not play things of vast impersonal forces outside their forces Being Canadian is largely abt control that we control our destiny somehowcollectively have pwr to determine what happens toin our livestoin our country Economy drives the things that matter most to us pension job healthcareRodrik says bet on politics bc globalization not just driven by laws of market bc ppl want to control those lawspolitical factThen question becomes how much control is actually possible But the idea of control is what politics is all about
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