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Idsb02- Development and Environment th Tuesday Feb 7 2012 Last week  Cell theory: Hadley, ferrel, polar  Climate change and future projections (vulnerable regions)  Different environments  Mitigation and adaptation  REDD, Kyoto Protocol, Copenhagen etc.  ITCZ shifts (Drought in the Sahel) This week! WATER:  Be able to describe regional climates from atmospheric patterns  We want to relate the above to the hydrological cycles and patterns  Key components of the water balance:  Evaporation – Sumer salt contamination; water movement up through soil profile  Transpiration – comes off plants  Condensation  Precipitation – rain!  Infiltration  Percolation  Run-off: erosion (water erosion mostly – some wind)  AET – actual evapotranspiration (limited off water)  PET – potential evapotranspiration (about energy- may not happen as water is limited)  The balance of these fluxes allows us to predict how much water there is  Equatorial hydrology – high precipitation and PET=AET because there is more water than energy – water isn’t limited! In breaking the Sod reading the soil was eleuvial- these are present from the waterways and this is the large discharge from drainage basins  Be able to tell her why soil is so susceptible to erosion!  Semi-arid Hydrology: slide  Water availability in Semi-arid regions:  Mid latitude hydrology: slide  Variable seasonally in hydrology - picture  The water table, groundwater, and surface water – know these terms and the differences between them  Soil zone phenomenon is salinization; major impact of over irr
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