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Lecture 8

PSY100H1 Lecture 8: Fri Feb 1 2019

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Ashley Waggoner Denton

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PSY100H1S: Intro to Psych
Fri Feb 1 2019
accommodation: muscles change the shape of the lens, flattening it to focus
on distant objects and thickening it to focus on closer objects
photoreceptors: concert energy from light participles (photons) into
chemical reaction that produces an electrical signal
rods: retinal cells that respond to low levels of light, result in black and
white perception
cones: respond to higher levels of light, result in color perception
transduction goes from rods & comes to bipolar, amacrine, horizontal cells to
ganglion cells/optic nerve to thamalus to primary visual cortex
ventral stream; what
dorsal stream: where
visual areas beyond visual cortex form 2 parallel processing streams
dorsal: specialization for spatial perception, where object is and relation to
other objects
ventral: recognition of objects, such as color and shape
agnosia: prosopagnosia
color perception
3 cones:
S: short wavelengths (blue)
M: medium (green)
L: long (red)
trichromatic theory: perception of color is determined by ratio of activity
among 3 receptors
opponent-process theory:
opposing pairs: red and green, yellow and blue, white and black
one stimulated, other inhibited
Gestalt principles of perceptual organization
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