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Lecture 4

PSY230H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Overprotected, Attachment Theory, Penis Envy

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Amanda Sharples

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Lecture 4
Karen Horney:
Studied Freud’s work and taught psychoanalysis
Founded American institute for psychoanalysis
Credited for establishing feminine psychology
Neurotic- People who are trapped in self-defeating interpersonal style
These come about as a result of childhood/abuse, neglect, poor relationships with early
Interaction styles adopted by neurotics to avoid anxiety-provoking experiences
Moving toward people: super dependent clingy, they really need to please people
Moving against people: aggressive relationship style, they need to have power over other people.
Very competitive for instance. Tendency to use people
Moving away from people: Avoiding people and avoiding relationships in general.
Overwhelming need for self-sufficiency. Related to this need for perfection. Obsessed with
having/showing any flaws to anyone.
Feminine Psychology:
Thought Freud’s idea of penis envy was ridiculous and in fact introduced the concept of womb
envy. She thought that men felt anxious/upset about not being to have children and they tried to
compensate for that in their career achievements where they could get that feeling of productivity
and thought that women got that same satisfaction of raising children. She thought cultures
encourage women to be dependant on men and thought that woman thus turn this motivation
inwards to raise children. Drew attention to sociocultural factors in explaining differences
between women and men.
Erik Erikson
Started working with Anna Freud
Emphasized the important role of the ego
Function of the ego is to establish and maintain a sense of identity
Developed a theory of development over the entire lifespan
Encounter crisis at various points in our lives
Erik’s mum married scandenavian dad and was born out of that relationship however then she
divorced and married a jewish man but erik diddnt look jewish and felt like he didn’t fit n with
the Jewish community/with his own family and later found out that his biological dad was in fact
not Jewish.
Erik Erikson stages listed online
He proposed 8 stages.
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