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Sept 19th 2012How do We Acquire Cultureex personal spacevaries systematicallyvenezuela32 inchesUS35 inchesJapan40 inchesdepends on relationship w person2 possibilitiesgenetic predispositionset of genes closer to pplaverse to standing closesocializationcultural knowledgeskills not in our head from birthuniversal brains develop into culturally variable mindsWhat Kinds of Childhood Experiences Diff Across CulturesLANGUAGE ACQUISITIONppl speakcommunicate in diff waysmany ppl arguelang separate ppl from animalscore concept in our experiences as humanalso cultural differencescritical period hypothesis windowperiod to learn certain aspects of lang better than otherslang ability is a hallmark human characteristicno other species is dependent on their lang skills or has as complex lang system as humans1 source of evidence for a sensitive period of lang acquisition is w respect to ppls abilities to discriminate among diff sounds ppl arent able to discriminate easily bw phonemes that arent in their own langPercentage of infants able to discriminate bw 2 hindi phonemesxaxis age of infant cultural linguistic background yaxis percentage of infants who are able to discriminateResultsnative english speakers of 68 months can readily distinguish bw 2 sounds from hindi lang1012 month old native english speakers cant readily distinguishas native english infants age they lose ability to discriminate bw 2 hindi phonemes4 day old infants show preference for the rhythm of sounds from their own langresearch suggests we are biologically prepared to attend to human speech as soon as we enter the worldthis preference for speech predisposes us to start picking up lang at an early agein process of learning lang our brain needs to organize soundsother features of our lang so they can recognize themearly in life prepubertybrains esp pliable for organizing themselves in response to lang input
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