Lecture 8

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Published on 18 Jul 2011
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PSY336 Positive Psychology
Lecture #8
March 16, 2011
Meaning and hope
Meaning predicts engagement, source of resilience
Meaning at time 1 predicts time 2 and well-being + hope
Happiness, increase in wellbeing
Lack of existential meaning: depression + lack of motivation
Meaning of life: 1.7/3.0 (class average) \ what is the difference between these two qs?
What brings a sense of meaning of life? (2.1/3.0) /
What is the meaning of life? What is the answer looking for?
oWere looking for a prescription
oExistentially tortured people
Douglas Adams: meaning of life = 42 what does that mean?!
What is the meaning of life? is an absurd question
Baumeister: meaning is the imposition of a stable conception (abstraction, theory, grand narrative) onto an
ever-changing biological process
Meaning not given by nature (culture)
People dont like that theyre part of reality
Analysis of meaning
Meaning is relational connection
What connects to what? (prediction + control)
oMake sense of world
Relationsal sense of meaning
oThe universe isnt unknowable
oSubjective sense of confidence
oGroup IDs (nationalism)
Terror Management Theory:
oSelf-esteem = fundamental need
Protective shield for terror (real, nasty questions)
Human created meaning (drapery)
oDeal with discomfort
oCreate meaning systems; not necessary
oIt makes people feel okay
Go do what connects you to life
Mortality salience conductions
oAdherence to personal values
More tolerant if primed
Existential terror
Tillich courage to be
oDeath + meaning
oEverything Is pathological (psychological issues)
Will pleasure (hedonism), power, meaning
PSY336 Positive Psychology
Lecture #8
March 16, 2011
Paths = desire, loses lustre renunciation (depends on where you are at in life walk this path)
Victor Frankel: how d people get through?
oHope, health, everything taken away
oCommit suicide
oPrisoners of cap: cant stop people from committing suicide
oIntervene when people unresponsive
oGive them meaning by connecting them to a world that may exist (children)
oRemind them of unique role to fulfill (back to goals; life purposes)
oConnecting people back to temporal things
oThe essence of meaning is responsibility
oMeaning as future orientation
oAll thats left suffering no meaning of life
oWhat does like expect for me?
oTheir responsibility to be a meaning creator
oCourage to activate a sense of meaning
oDirected at the persons sense of meaningfulness
oMeaning of life: transformation of self
Poem: darkness is your candle
Separate people from what they were doing
Prescription: listen and lay your head under the tree of life
oTillich: the courage to be ultimate answer
Turning towards that which causes fear
Less = turning away
More = turning towards courage
oZen Buddhism: universality of message
Take person out of theoretical mind
Not interested in theories of enlightenment
Doldermans question to zen master:
Ultimately killing so many small beings; what was I supposed to do?
you dont need to ask that question!
have you eaten breakfast yet? wash your bowls”
oForce student to crash word brrier
Disconnect selt from whats actually there
Get out of asking mode, questions
Koans questions/riddles
does a dog have ____ in nature?
“mu stronger than no
Students theories no
If you stay, you confront your confusion
Force person to sit and front darkness
Face negativity
Only way is to throw away theories; person becomes something different
Mindfulness a separate way