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Lecture 5

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Dan Dolderman

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Lecture 5 – Flow
- What makes you bored?
- Writing, repetitive, commuting, killing time, not challenging enough
- What makes you anxious?
- Difficult tasks, bad news, anticipation, evaluation, meta-anxiety
- CBT has limitations in reprogramming serious internalized problems
- Humanistic psychology – we are innately good
- We can bring many things into our consciousness – Csikszentmihalyi
oLots of possibilities
oFlexibility of human consciousness
oConsciousness vs. attention – attention as selector of what to bring into
- Peak experience (Maslow, Chick) – upper range of human possibility
oFeel most fully alive – interviewed everyone
oCommon findings/universality to human experiences
oPeak experiences can occur any time
- Normal consciousness
oOrienting reflex
oInternal processes, self-evaluations
oReflective appraisals – relationships, evaluating self through others
oGoal directed attention
oMemories, hopes, anxieties, depressive thoughts
oHedonic foci
- Pizza boss comes in – focus on making reflected appraisals, screw up
oFluid model
oFocus on specific action ie basketball
Forget about everything else, everything else leaves your consciousness
Hard for self-evaluation and reflective appraisals to fade
Flow state – you forget everything, everything drops away except the
thing you’re doing
Merging of action and awareness
No distinction between you and action
Epitome of flow state – state of consciousness where everything
is dropped away except the thing that you’re doing
- Peak experience – yoga, on top of cn tower
- Conditions of entering flow state – facilitative of entering flow state
oMerging of action and awareness
oBalance between skill and challenge
Challenge too high, skill too low – anxiety
Challenge too low, skill too high – boring
Middle ground = conducive to entering flow state
Operating at edge of capabilities, can’t afford to not be there,
forces you into flow state
oImmediate and unambiguous feedback
Feedback tightly coupled with activity
oFull concentration
oFeeling of being in control
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