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Ashley Waggoner Denton

CH 1.2 How did the scientific foundation of psychology develop? 2012 年 9 月 14 日 19:15 The different school of thoughts 1. Structuralism a. Wilhelm Wundt b. 1879 c. Conscious experience can be broken down into its basic underlying components/ elements 2. Functionalism a. William James b. Mind i. More complex than its elements ii. Could not be broken down iii. Ever-changing iv. Continuous series of thoughts c. Heavily influenced by Charles Darwin i. Mind is evolved in a way that enhance survival 3. Gestalt Psychology a. Max Wertheimer b. 1912 c. Expanded by Wolfgang Kohler d. Whole of personal experience =/= simply the sum of its constituent elements e. **Perception is SUBJECTIVE + Dependent on context** 4. Sigmund Freud a. *Unconscious* i. Level of mental processes below conscious awareness b. Psychoanalysis i. Bring unconscious context -> conscious -> reveal conflict ii. Free association 1. Patients talk what they want and for as long as they want a. -> reveal unconscious -> show conflict c. BUT… other theory (e.g. meaning of dream) i. Extremely difficult to prove 5. Behaviorism a. John B. Watson (American) b. 1913 c. Wa
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