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University of Toronto St. George
Ashley Waggoner Denton

35 Practice Questions on Blackboard & Some Chapters not Covered Q-A session: TUE 3-4 LM159 Check the Office Hours for Both TAs & Lecturer Social psychology is about how we are influenced by other people ? S&C processes: SP is influenced a lot by cognitive revolution SP is influenced by WW2 EX: people following authority YES, they are very important because originally we know nothing of a guy, after first meet him, we use the first impression to expect and interpret his future moves. Halo Effect: we see a good looking person, we assume he or she associate with all the good things. Actually first impression is pretty accurate Seeing one second to rate almost predict which guy win the election Not only seeing people’s face, but also looking environment can predict how a person is. We can explain it in two ways, (last class) Because the floor is slippery, or he is a careless person But we tend to ignore the situation, or he is a careless person We assume people’s behavior is most related to his personality Cultural difference: Westerners tend to more involve in FAE, because Easterners tend to focus on holistic picture. When we judge others, we tend to focus on personal attribution, But when we judge ourselves, we tend to focus on situation, particularly for negative events. Self Serving Bias. (also last class) T-R B: if A is more honest than B for one time, people assume that is cross situation consistency, which means the second time A is also honest for the next time, actually it is not that related. I & P: people behave good in interview doesn’t means he will be good during the job. A-R: basketball or football, this is much more accurate, if A does good one time, usually he does good in the next time. Stereotype is inherently bad, It is just good at getting a picture of a person in a fast easy way. A, C-B P: nerd, trekkie, geek We think him in a category Because we don’t want to always think of a person that hard if he’s just a stranger. C, A-B P: friendly, nice These measurement are full of cultural difference, Because we are surrounded by different people. When CA are asked to measure themselves whether they are friendly, they compare to other CA. When US are asked, they compare to other US. S-F P: some teac
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