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University of Toronto St. George
John Vervaeke

PSY210 Lecture 3 1-23-12 - A teleological process is one that is driven toward a goal, a final end. I am taking this class to complete my eventual goal of getting my degree. - Human design is non-teleological and non-optimal o Ex: because of the size of our big brains, the birth canal has to be big enough to fit us through, but 1 in 5 or 1 in 7 women die in child birth o Ex: we’re all born premature- faulty design that has us rely on our parents and external resources for survival for years o Ex: bi-pitalism (two feet) - Evolution  Dynamical System (self- organizing system) o The point of evolution is that no one is pushing it, it does it by itself o It’s thought that our self is a dynamical system - Kludge - Exaptation o Tongue has to be super sensitive and super quick moving and highly flexible for mastication - MacLean - Freud o The concept of intelligent unconscious processing o A lot of your cognition is based off of intelligent processing of your unconsciousness o Babies are way more aware of what’s in others’ minds before they can introspect their own mental states o A lot of your early development can be sophisticated while nevertheless being the product of any self conscious, self- aware, introspective cognition o Babies are not self aware and are incapable of introspection but are incredibly intelligent o Development might be driven my interpsychic conflict, because some parts of the system give higher priority to biology, some parts of your system give higher priority to your society/environment, and some to your abstract normative principles o Most of your early development is being driven by unconscious processing - Locke is ALL nurture - Rousseau is ALL nature - Freud is interactionism and the mechanism that drives it is the interpsychic conflict (dynamic system) - Erik Erikson o Important because of the modifications he made to Freud and opens up possibilities that were not possible in Freud’s concepts o Erik says it’s not all psychosexual issues, but psychosocial issues. There are 2 separate drives in you:  Psycho  drive toward
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