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Lecture 10

PSY220 Lecture 10

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Ashley Waggoner Denton

lec 10Initial AttractionWe encounter a lot of people in our lives but we dont form relationships with them all so what determines whether we want to get to know someone betterfocus on attraction and romantic attraction Effects of Physical Attractiveness Recall Snyder et al 1977Male participants shown female photo IV Attractive or unattractiveHad telephone conversation with a different woman but they believed it was the woman in the photoOTHER participants who had not been shown the photo then listened to the female half of the conversationDVs Male Ss preconversation expectationspostconversation ratings other participants personality ratings of the femalethey told them whether the women was attractive or not Remember self fulfilling prophecy behavior confirmation effects We dont realize that we effect a lot of peopleResultsMen shown the attractive photo expected the woman to be more engaging poised humorousMen shown unattractive photos expected the woman to be more awkward serious unsociableImportantly these expectations were realized not only for the men but for outside observers who listened to the female half of the conversationThe expectations of the men altered the behaviour of the womenselffulfilling prophecyWomen acted more comfortably when the men elciited certain behavioursthe actual behaviour of women were altered because of themWhat Makes Someone AttractiveSymmetrycross culurally the found that when they judge what is attarctive they found that faces that are symmertical are seen as more attractiveFamilarityaveragenesswe like faces that are avergaeswe like more prototypical faces Less unique faces Proximity and mere exposure in order to have an intial attraction for someone you have to see them Mere exposure studywomen came for 8 of the classes and the more often she came she was more familiar so the men rated her as more attractiveFamilialrty breeds liking Similaritywe like people who are or who we perecive similar to us Matchng hypothesisdatingmarriage we choose partners who are phycially similar to usIf we rate ourselves as a 6we like ppl who are also a 6 we also like ppl who share the same attitudes as usBirds of a feather flock togetherBut self evaluation maintance modelif were both into competive eatingand you have a compettionand your partner beats you you might feel bad about yourselfreciprocitywe like people when we think those ppl like us When you find out someone has a crush on you then you may start to like them The Cheerleader EffectIs it realWhen a group of women seem hot but only as group Take them individuallysled dogs is there evidence that this is true There is ResearchWhen we view ppl as a group our visual system computes the group average of their faces so they seem look more attractive as a groupContrast EffectsOpposite finding Looking at extreme prototypes Ex looking at victoria secret modelsif men watch them and rate the attractivness of their girlfriendthey will rate them as less attractiveSo contrast effects influence our ratings of attractivenessIn the NewsMen with attractive wives more satisfied with marriage Meltzer McNulty JacksonKarney 2013Womens happiness in their marriage not affected by husbands looksExamined satisfaction at beginning of marriage and over 4 years Husbands were happier when they viewed there wives as more attractivehusbnads attractivness had nothing to do with satifaction in the marriage if a husband feels less attractive then the wife he feels like won the lottery and hes gonna work really hard to maintain the realtionship Liking similarity and interaction all influence each otherWe interact with those we likeWe like people we interact with We think those we like are similar to usWe like those who are similar to us
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