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Jennifer Fortune

Chapter 10 Group refers to two or more people who are interacting andor influencing one another Social facilitation o When people are in group they tend to perform better on simple task and poorly perform on complex tasks Results revealed were contradictory so they examined the complexity of the tasks performed o Associated with physiological arousal which can either increase or decrease performance depending on the complexity Social loafing o People slack off in groups o Associated with relaxation or reduced motivation Participants cheered loudest when they thought they were alone, whereas they cheered 82% as intensely when they believed one other person was cheering and only 74% as intensely when they believed five others were also cheering When social loafing doesnt occur: o Individual anonymity if people think that their performance within the group will be identifiable o Real-life groups whose members consider the groups goals to be worthwhile and believe the group is making a valuable contribution o Cohesiveness and attractiveness of the group itself because the individuals motivation to enhance their group is increased o Men are more likely to exhibit social loafing than females because females are more group-oriented and more concerned about collective outcomes than are men who tend to be more individualistic in their orientation o Social loafing is also more common in western cultures than collectivist cultures like China Deindividuation
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