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Lecture 3

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Maja Djikic

PSY230 Sept 28 Notes Horney studied psychology of womenHistorically women had options available such as being a mother domestic help being a nun or working in prostitution they were not legal persons Psyche of women and of men 1885 Horney is born very devout father and mother who is ten years younger than father and unhappy wants children to take sides she was the second child rejected her fathers religious ideals Could not go to university eventually universities allowed women accepted in 1906Works in hospital and does psychoanalysis for poorMoves to USA later found psycho analytical society 19101917 depressed why Went to Karl Abraham Freud women are passive and can only marry up Abraham believes females they are castrated vagina is a woundwants gift of penis from father after latency period directs that wish toward another man menstrual blood is a symbol of castration Women who reject femininity become lesbians or intellectuals Horney dissents from Abraham Horney replies that women want access to things that men have such as an incomeFreud women Freud women have no moral acquisition except through father Horney replies that psychoanalysts views about womens penis envy are little boys thoughts about women Men envious of childmother relationship breastfeeding Flight from Womanhood 1926 Point
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