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Neil Rector

PSY240 MARCH 23 2012 The concept of schizophrenia Emil kraeplein 1898dementia praecox 0 early onset and deterationDp included paranoia catatonia lack of movement and hebephrenia aimless disorganizedMore descriptive then explanatoryBoth European psychDp several different concepts Prior to dp clusters were considered separateBelieved common core between 3 symptoms marked by early onset and deterring force which marked decline Dementia referring to mental weakness not cognitive Major symptoms hallucinations negativism emotional dysfucmtionNo framework how symptoms integrated No explanation why were occurring not moving on beyond definition Eugan blueler 1908schizophreniaMore of an attempt to explain the disorderSchizsplitand phenmindbreaking of the associative threadsAssociated threadswords and thoughts Define symptoms futherDefine core of disorderAge of onset and defining featuresIntroduced term schizophrenia meaning split mindContrast krapleinCore was breaking of ass threads meaning words and thoughts lack of assCurrent descriptions range is extensive patients only have some difficultiesHeteogrneity of schzio suggests to sub divide to respect clinical presentation costelation of symptomsConstellations include both positive and negative symptomsIntrodExisted almost century lots of attention still away from understanding disorderDisorganized speech disorder in emotion inaproprate affect and behavior motor activityNo essential system to have diagnosesWith disorders criteria not set criteria for schiz all different not all or one be present result hetrogenity in clinical presentation Widespread 1 in 100 people some time in lives Positive symptoms
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